Flexbilly offers a flex worker for every assignment

FlexBilly is the platform to get in touch with flex workers.

You can be a client at any time, both as a company and as an individual. As a client, you would like to see a clear profile of a potential flex worker. For example, each assignment requires different skills, talents, types of people or certain work experiences. FlexBilly offers flex workers the opportunity to provide as complete a picture as possible of themselves, so that you can clearly see whether the flex worker suits your assignment.
Employees At FlexBilly you as a client are given the opportunity to look beyond a standard CV. This gives you direct insight into the motivation of a flexworker, assignments that the flexworker has previously performed and associated assessments from their previous collaborations. In addition, you immediately have a clear overview of the personal data, location, age and the rate proposed by the flex worker.

Hoe verloopt de samenwerking?


Nadat je de juiste flexwerker hebt gevonden voor jouw opdracht, geef je via mail of telefoon aan dat je geïnteresseerd bent in een samenwerking.


Vervolgens verloopt de communicatie tussen jou en de opdrachtgever.
Je vult hierbij samen de volledige samenwerking naar wens in.


Na de samenwerking kan zowel jij als de opdrachtgever elkaar beoordelen aan de hand van een beoordeling en een review.

Benefits of Flexbilly

  • Flex workers Clear profiles of flex workers, their motivation, skills and work experiences.

  • Evaluation The profiles of the flex workers contain assessments and reviews of clients with whom they have previously worked. This gives you direct insight into their references. Flex workers can also assess you as a client, which makes you more interesting as a client.
  • Communication The communication with the flex worker takes place through you, just like if you were to recruit someone on the labor market yourself. There is no party that stands between you and the flex worker.
  • Agreements The agreements regarding the assignment are coordinated by you and the client. You are both free in this. You can come to all kinds of collaborations in consultation with the client. For example, you can work out together to do the collaboration through a self-employed construction, to work with an hourly wage or to consider it as other work.

Freedom economy Currently, we are increasingly in a freedom economy. This means that people no longer only work according to a permanent contract, but more often through a short and/or temporary employment contract or with temporary jobs. As a client it is important to keep up with this development. A flex worker is extremely suitable for certain assignments and associated activities. In the current tight labor market it is difficult to find suitable personnel. The use of flex workers offers you as a client many advantages. The recruitment and selection procedure will be simplified and many employer's charges will be abolished.

How do I find the right flex worker?

As a client you have several options to get in touch with a flex worker via FlexBilly.

The first option is to place your profile as complete as possible on FlexBilly. In your profile you briefly describe who you are and what types of assignments you are looking for. In addition, you describe your skills, the location of the area in which you work and the hourly rate you have set. After posting your profile, clients can contact you.
The second possibility is that you, as a flex worker, respond with your profile to an open assignment that you have found on the assignmentboard. If the client is interested in a collaboration, the client will contact you.
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